Informative video

Video is now firmly established as one of the most popular means of communication and a powerful tool in marketing. Effective video marketing must have a clear message and a seamless story line, and they must quickly engage the viewer and hold their attention.

We specialise in writing compelling video scripts and creating powerful message-led video content. While we do send a partner videographer in to capture actual footage when relevant, we also create great informative videos simply using a mix of still images, infographics and stock footage. Playing to our strengths in developing in-depth content, these informative videos can serve as training/CPD material, content for webinars, product explainers, and more.

In-depth material can be conveyed engagingly by video and constitutes high-value content for sharing. Get in touch to discuss your ideas for quality video content that will boost your brand reputation.

Sample work
Click below to view a typical example of a video storyboard and script, and the resultant video.

Video script - download