Speech writing

The opportunity to speak to an audience is both exciting and daunting for most people. The importance of words is never higher, but the words used must be more than just factually correct or grammatically sound. A speech should grip attention and influence the listener, and this requires more than mere words.

We write speeches using the recognised techniques that create impact. Speeches that engage an audience and stir the feelings of those present. Not every speech needs to be a rousing call-to-arms, but every speech should convey its intended message with force and clarity. 

Based on an essential guide of the points that need to be included, we create a first draft for review. We readily accommodate any specific speaking style that is requested. We will then work with the speaker to adjust and refine the speech, to ensure that the finished article is fluent and easy to deliver.

What we need to start work:

  • Completed brief sheet (can be done by phone interview)
  • Confirmation of any specific speaking style and/or samples of previous speeches
  • Reference material/links for any specific subjects to be covered
  • Agreement to quoted charges

Sample work:

Click below to view an example of our speech writing.


Speech writing sample